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I learned something shocking this year. Life is not like HGTV. I love HGTV so much. Seven months ago my husband and I “downsized”. I thought “this is it” my big moment. This house is going to be perfect, beachy, warm like we’re on a permanent vacation. I had a budget (I’m a former sales rep paid commission only-I know my numbers- my brain is a calculator). I thought I knew. Everything we had to do was cosmetic, easy peasy. Ohhh HGTV ,thou misguided me. I hired a decorator this time around to walk me through the process. A guarantee it would be perfect. HA ! Nothing’s perfect even if you build a house from scratch. So here’s some advice:

  • when decorating ever -LOOK AT PICTURES to get a feel of what you love. Scrapbook pics of thing’s you love, colors that bring you joy. Websites like HOUZZ, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, have websites and they send e-mails everyday.  Join Pinterest.
  • When shopping for furniture look at the upper level furniture stores choose your style then find the moderate version at popular big box stores.  Look on the Internet- shocking the deals you can find. The quality is really just as good.
  • GO TO: Home Goods, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx. I see decorator’s there all the time buying for clients. They have great stuff. a
  • If you work with a decorator use her/his connections and make sure it’s a collaboration.
  • Choose and use thing’s that please you. You look at it and it makes you smile. Not “oh damn I never really loved that”, if you really don’t love don’t use it.
  • Realize depending on where you live materials and labor cost will vary. In general, they will inevitably be much higher then our warped perceptions thought they’d be.
  • Think outside of the box try to recycle thing’s of value rather than trash them. A fireplace mantle may serve as a cool shelf somewhere else. I used small stools that sat under a bakers rack inside, repainted them, upholstered them in  outdoor fabric and now they are benches outside our front door.
  • A RUG is the focal point of a room it’s a base you can create and build from creatively.
  • Mixing OLD with NEW looks chic
  • LOVE where you live.  If it’s not perfect live with it for a while. Don’t fret. It will get there.

Will you see us on the cover on “House Beautiful” this month? Probably not , we love our house. We worked with the so so and surrounded it with the great and it really works.   ………… If you need help with your design style call us 516 652-3894 we’ll help you design on a budget with beautiful results.


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