Let’s Organize That Closet

Closets are always a challenge for people. It’s tough enough to get everything organized but maintaining it can be a battle. If you can design the right system it will be easier to maintain. The big question is “where do I start”? First, get 3 large boxes or bags, label them KEEP, TOSS and DONATE. Then EMPTY out the entire closet, use your bed , use the floor whatever and start to sort. Once you’ve sorted take a look at everything then break it down pants, dresses, tops, suits, accessories etc. If the closet needs to be tweaked design wise look at the layout of the closet and see what you can do to accommodate your wardrobe in the best way. If you need to change your layout look at the hundreds of systems on line, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Container Store it’s endless and they are simple to install. When you have a closet you can’t change here are some great tips to keep everything comfortably in it’s space so you can see it and access it easily.

-If you have no room for long hanging garments buy the regular hangers with clips on them. You can fold the garment in 1/2

-Shower Curtain Hooks can go on your closet rod and are perfect for belts, scarves, ties,  even headbands and long necklaces

-(if you have wall space) Buy an oven cooling rack from the $1 store mount it and hang  jewelry, belts, ties, scarves. Use “S” hooks.

-Magazine files are great to store small bags

-Take old pool noodles cover them in fabric (anything old sheets) and put them inside your boots to keep their shape and keep them standing upright so that they’re not flopping all over  the floor.

-Buy a Valet Hook (Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store) mount on the side of your closet wall. Use it to house thing’s or just to plan your outfit for the next day so you’re ready to go in the morning.


Nothing is maintenance free but if you tweak thing’s on a regular basis it will be completely manageable.  Still overwhelmed?





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