I recently cleaned out a home for a clients Mom. Mom moved to Assisted living and needed to pare thing’s down. As we began doing this I found dozen’s of things you should never save. Here’s just a few:

Any gift that was FREE with purchase   –  Soy & Duck Sauce packets (they come free with every order) – VHS Tapes – Linens for beds you don’t own anymore- All remotes, cords, chargers, plugs etc. (if you don’t know what they belong to you don’t need them) -Old Make-up and Perfumes – Cookbooks that you never looked at anyway – Orphan gloves and socks – Wire Hangers (NO WIRE HANGERS!!!) – Broken Umbrellas – The Yellow Pages – Old Magazines – Last years holiday cards – …. and my favorite Clothes that don’t fit, they didn’t fit 5 years ago they don’t fit now and you will never wear them even if some day they do fit because by then they’ll be moth eaten, dated and dusty.




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