Wads that?

Wallet stuffed with credit cards on a white background studio image

Everything we own needs to be organized in some way. Ever give any thought to your wallet? Or shall I refer to it as that bulge in the back of your pant , the 10 lb. weight in your pocketbook? Either way wallets should be organized it helps when you go to pay for something, have to show the cop your license and registration or if you’re lucky enough to get ID’ed at the bar. Here’s some helpful hints to keeping your wallet tidy:

-Keep only the credit cards you use often in your wallet. Stick with the ones that get you points and benefits. If you go to the Gap and haven’t shopped there in 2 years they can look it up.

-Scan loyalty cards onto a phone app like Fid Me or Keyring.

-Get your coupons on the phone. Try the Grocery Pal app.

-Don’t keep people’s business cards in your wallet. Another app CamCard let’s you take a snapshot of the card. Evernote has this feature too.

-Never keep your Social Security card in your wallet. It belongs in a safe place at home.

-Toss out scraps of paper with phone numbers, addresses, to-do notes,  and tickets.

-Receipts, this is a habit I had break my husband from. Skip receipts it’s all on line. If you must take them for business or just because that’s your comfort zone have a Receipt file at home. It will make life easier when you do those expense reports.

Oh look at you in those skinny jeans, such a better fit without the bulge!!!


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