We Clean Up Those Papers

Ever go into someone’s office and they say ” I know it looks bad but I know where everything is”. Or I had a doctor who once told me his mess was a sign of genius. Not sure that made me feel very comfortable while he was looking for my test results. Everyone has a good excuse for not organizing their stuff. What we don’t realize is that when you become more organized you become more productive.  We live in a digital age. If you speak to your children 20’s 30’s and 40’s they have no papers. I recently chipped in with a group of my husbands co-workers for a retirement gift. The gift purchaser asked that we send a check for our share. Several 40 something’s asked me to write the check and they’d give me the cash. They don’t even have checkbooks anymore. At the very least ORGANIZE your papers. You never know when you need something quickly, god forbid you aren’t able to access your mess or you’re away and someone needs a document. I promise when you look at the clean well appointed desk top you will breath better. You can get a clear  top desk blotter and put family pictures in it. Isn’t it nice to look at something that gives you joy? Piles are not joyous.


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